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char_usa's Journal

21 May
I thought I'd put a little about myself in the Bio.

I am from Michigan USA. I love it here with the change of seasons.
I live in the Southern half, but I just love the Upper Peninsula. When my husband was here, and the kids were younger, we traveled all over Michigan, camping. It was most enjoyable.

I am a widow. I have two adult children and two grandchildren.
I made a list of my interests, so I won't go into them again.

I have held many jobs through the years. I did Keypunch for the telephone company and various companies. Then I did some computer work when they did away with keypunch. I have worked for the schools doing various things.
I have worked in retail,and my most recent job was of an Antique Dealer. I did Antique shows for many years. I retired from that when the market went down...

I have had dogs throughout my life. One of my dogs was a little Australian Terrier. She was born blind and the pet store was going to destroy her, so my son brought her home to me for Valentines Day. He knew I would keep her.
And I did---We named her Penny Valentine....She didn't know she was blind, and lived for 15 years. She was such a sweetheart!!!
Right now I have another dog, named Buddy.

I just stay home now and enjoy coming on the playground and a forum that I am on.
I discovered Ewan with Moulin Rouge, and I have been interested in him ever since.
I found out all about him and his films.
I joined a forum and then the playground.
I enjoy following his career and love his acting, and the way he is with his family.
I love all of his films, documentaries, TV series, all interviews, etc.

So, that's about it....